The Five-Step Process to becoming an International Nurse to work in the United States.

  • The first step is to apply to Compassionate Solutions. The best way to apply is to reach out to a Compassionate Solutions via email at or via Whatsapp: 301-979-9000.
    • You must have at least two years of nursing experience to be qualified as an international nurse. 
  • Upon completion of steps 1-3, Compassionate Solutions will petition for an RN immigration visa on your behalf. 
  • Compassionate Solutions and employee will complete all pre-hire, onboarding requirements, provide required training and skills checklist. Employee will sign contract with facility. Compassionate Solutions will assign your personal virtual companion throughout the entire process to assist in your transition to the US. 
  • FINAL STEP: Contract Begins-you are ready to model Compassionate Solutions mission, vision and values.