Compassionate Solutions Has Committed To The Baldrige Performance Framework

What is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework?


The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework helps organizations recognize improvement opportunities, develop standard best practices, and achieve and maintain top performance. Healthcare organizations on the Baldrige journey use its proven improvement and innovation framework to assess their functioning and operations in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategy
  • Workforce
  • Customers
  • Operations
  • Measurement
  • Results
  • Analysis

Embarking on the Baldrige Journey is not an easy feat for organizations. It seems impossible with the list of questions that challenge your senior leadership team to dig deep. The Baldrige Journey starts with the desire for your organization to show outcomes that reflect excellence. Compassionate Solutions chose to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework to measure our success because…we desire to affect change within the healthcare field. We know that utilizing the Framework will allow us to be aligned and achieve the same organizational resilience, innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion, digitization and advanced technology.

The first step of the Baldrige journey is self-assessment. It involves identifying your organization’s mission, vision, and values, and assessing how your leadership team effectively demonstrates and showcases results. Baldrige introduces organizations to self-assessment with the organizational profile, which is a snapshot of your organization, the primary influences on how it operates, and the key challenges it faces. It helps to identify gaps in vital information and focus on critical performance requirements and results.

At the center of Compassionate Solutions is the Compassionate Staff Member. Our team members will always put the patient first. They are the personification of our values – compassion, integrity and intentional growth, respect, community, leading, and empowerment. Without them, we cannot carry out our mission of providing qualified and compassionate professional care that extends to every individual we touch. Without them, we cannot achieve our vision of becoming the first choice for all healthcare professionals.

Set Bold Goals For Excellence

What we know about Baldrige Winners is that they set bold goals. We aspire to be the first Healthcare Staffing Company to receive the Baldrige award. That award doesn’t just come by following the steps, it comes by embracing the journey, failing and learning from our failures, consistent effort, and celebrating small wins.

Compassionate Solutions’ senior leadership team is fully invested in results driven by excellence. Strategic planning within our senior leadership team and being transparent with the individuals that are hired is our highest priority. Staff will join our team knowing and ready to uphold our high standards. We advocate for better outcomes for every individual that we touch. Join us on our journey to excellence!